Our Mission

The mission of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League (MWUL) is to empower people of color to achieve economic self-reliance, parity and civil rights.

  • The MWUL envisions a community where people, from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences, contribute to and benefit from an alliance that is committed to action-oriented public policy research, and principled advocacy.
  • The MWUL is the Voice of Equity for those in Delaware who would otherwise not be heard.
  • The MWUL seeks to address the problems of equality and fairness by assuring that those who influence change represent the broader community and understand the economic and social realities facing people of color.

Our Values

  • The MWUL believes that every child should have access to a quality education, and every family should have access to some level of wealth.
  • The MWUL believes that equal access is an opportunity that should be afforded to every citizen.
  • The MWUL believes in principled advocacy and operates under the premise of inclusiveness.
  • The MWUL believes that multiracial coalitions advance the interest of people of color, particularly in the areas of education, economic development and research/partnership development.

Our Programs
The MWUL works to achieve its mission through the Urban Community Empowerment Initiative. This initiative centers on closing the gaps that exist between the communities of color in the areas of education, health and quality of life, and economic empowerment.

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