Achievement Matters!

Be Cool In School

…Because Achievement Does Matter!

Serving more than 70 middle school students that attend Henry B. DuPont, Alexis I. DuPont Middle Schools and live in the 19801 region of Delaware. Achievement Matters! is a sub-organization of the MWUL that seeks to increase graduation rates and reduce the achievement gap.

Achievement Matters! Goals:

•Reduce the educational achievement gap by creating an environment where achievement does matter
•Increase the graduation rate of minorities and students from low-income households
•Prepare students for higher education and the workforce
•Complement programs that are implemented by the District

Why Achievement Matters!?

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to assure that the necessary resources (human and financial) are available to close the educational achievement gap, and that all students are prepared for life beyond high school, whether it be in college, the military, or in the work force.

Intermediate/middle school is where students begin to experience many things that could affect their interest in education and/or their ability to do well on tests. Studies have shown that there is a profound impact on academic achievement when large numbers of low income and minority students are concentrated in one school. The MWUL met with the Red Clay School District  and staff to identify students in the 19801 zip code who would benefit from the Achievement Matters! Campaign. In addition, working with a group of students who would potentially stay together from 6th grade through graduation would make it easier to provide service, monitor, track, and report successes.

In comparing two marking period reports, we have seen:

-20% increased performance in math

-45% increased performance in language arts

-52% increased performance in social studies

-45% increased performance in science

Interested? See Achievement Matters! application here.

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