Call to Action: Celebrating Our Independence, Preserving Our Right to Vote

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Recently the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League celebrated  another successful Lions and Legends Equal Opportunity Day Gala, acknowledging the 50-year celebration of the height of the civil rights movement. A week ago, the Supreme Court demolished 50 years of voting rights progress, as they struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act.

Passed in 1965, the VRA was overwhelmingly reauthorized seven years ago with a 390-33 vote in the U.S. House and 98-0 vote in the Senate. There is no more fundamental right American citizens have than the right to vote. The recent 5-4 ruling basically demolished the voting protections the Constitution guarantees, usurping Congress’ power to keep the promise of a vote for every citizen.

For all the progress over the decades, racial discrimination still exists. We saw the impact of the VRA over the past year, as more than 82 restrictive voting bills were introduced in more than half the states, passing in seven, and currently pending in 18. The VRA was necessary in 1965 and remains so in 2013.

Its future lies in the hands of the president and Congress. Those who truly care about our fundamental right to vote must not be discouraged by the increasingly political climate of polarized partisanship. We must demand that Congress act quickly to restore the voting protection outlined in Section 4. Locally, we must be diligent in addressing any emerging voter suppression tactics. The greatest tribute we can pay is to continue to engage the collective voice and actions of stakeholders in the struggle to protect civil rights, promote parity, empower and affect positive social change.

Deborah Wilson
President and CEO, Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League

From the Delaware News Journal, published Tuesday, July 2, 2013.   To view online at Delawareonline: click on the following link:  ‘A Dream’ empowered…or in jeopardy?


How YOU can help: The steps to make a difference:

Call, e-mail or write your State Representatives.   If they don’t hear from you, they won’t know this is important to you and your family.   TAKE ACTION TODAY!

Senator Chris Coons
DC: (202)224-5042

Senator Tom Carper
Wilmington: (302) 573-6291
Dover: (302)674-3308
Georgetown: (302)856-7690
DC: (202)224-2441

Congressman John Carney
Wilmington: (302)478-1902
DC: (202)225-4165

You can also call the Congressional switchboard at 1-877-210-5351 and ask to be connected to your Representative’s office or find addresses and more information at


For more information, read and follow the call for actions inthe documents below:

 The Supreme Court Ruling – What this decision means to you

The Supreme Court Ruling – Take Action!

The Supreme Court Ruling – Voter Suppresion Information

Together, we can make a difference!  Help preserve the Right to Vote!


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