There must be a unified voice for social justice … a voice of equity.

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As we evaluate social justice and equity today, we cannot have the discussion without speaking to the systems of inequity that exist and continue to thrive.  There must be a unified voice for social justice … a voice of equity.

In February 2002, the Editorial Board of The News Journal cited the MWUL as, “one of the best things to happen in Delaware public affairs.”  In its brief history, the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League had made a significant impact on the State of Delaware, and its decisions affecting people of color, particularly in the education, economic development and public safety areas.

We are please to present the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League’s 2009-2010 Bi-Annual Report.  The year 2010 marks a special year for the Urban League movement both nationally and here locally.  As the National Urban League celebrates a centennial, the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League reflects on a decade of service to the State of Delaware.  It was ten years ago that Mr. James H. Gilliam, Sr. led a group of advocates and community leaders to raise the capital and commitment needed to begin the Wilmington, Delaware affiliate of the National Urban League.

The focus of the MWUL for the first five years was principled advocacy, public policy and research, contributing to such publications as The Pace of Progress, and reports on Race and Incarceration in Delaware:  A Preliminary Consideration, Handgun Violence in Delaware:  A picture of the State, and The Self Sufficiency Standard for Delaware.

This work provided a basis for a public policy and advocacy agenda that supported actions based on analysis, strategic alliance-building and an ability to effectively mediate differences between individuals and institutions.

The last five years have marked an evolution to include direct program service, bridging the focus on principled advocacy to policy practitioner.

Our public policy agenda continues to focus on the critical issues, and the MWUL continues to have an impact through the combination of principled advocacy and strategic, direct program service.  Today, the work of this League and the movement is more critical than ever.

 In December of 2009, the MWUL Board of Directors adopted a strategic plan to guide the organization for the next 3 years, building on the 2006 plan Blueprint for Empowering Communities and Changing Lives:  A Commitment to Act.  The new plan focuses on three strategic goals and priorities for advancing the mission:

  • Strengthening and improving the organization’s capacity to support the goals and provide resources and guidance to achieve them
  • Successfully implement our Urban Community Empowerment Initiative
  • Create an effective communications and marketing plan

Providing a voice for equity.

We recognize the tireless efforts of many who have served on our Board, Advisory Councils, auxiliary or volunteer tables.  We hope that while you enjoy reading about our programs, our Achievers and their families, the dedication of our partners, and the impact of the work of the MWUL, that you will be inspired to join us as a voice for equity. Your investment in the MWUL will help us continue the fight to shine a light on disparities, and assist us in tackling the critical issues.  And now, your support is more critical than ever, and your investment in the League right now will have twice the impact. The Welfare Foundation has been a long-standing supporter of the MWUL, and in 2010, we were challenged to challenge ourselves, and to challenge those who have a desire to support this movement.  The Welfare Foundation provided a challenge grant to support individual giving in 2010, extending the grant through the end of 2011, with a dollar for dollar match. This challenge allowed up to double our rate of individual giving from 2009, but we need your help to take full advantage of this challenge match.

Join the movement.  Lend your voice as a voice in harmony, singing the song of equality.  Together, we will continue to empower communities and change lives, one person, one day at a time, and level the playing field for all.

Yours in the movement,

Theresa A. Hasson

Deborah T. Wilson
President & CEO

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